Keith Goodman Memorial Award for Excellence in Choreography and Performance 

This annual award honors the legacy of Portland's celebrated teacher and choreographer Keith Goodman. Having impacted the lives of many dancers, Keith will be remembered as a genuinely singular artistic voice. The recipient is invited to return to Dance at Franklin to set original choreography on the Company.

2023 | Luis Barrios, Isabel Deumling, Anabelle Jukkala

2022 | Sylvie Brickman

2021 | Grace Curley

2020 | Helena Guererro-Sullivan

2019 | Ramone Gumina

2018 | Irvin Torres

2017 | Avery Wagner

Dancer Scholar Award

Awarded to valedictorians who achieve both the highest standard of scholarship and dance excellence.

2023 | Madeline Coffman, Isabel Duemling, Amelia Dusevoir, Sophia Goble, Phoebe Harrison, Charlotte Johnson, Twylo Landey

2022 | Sylvie Brickman, Melanie Charles, Raven Chesser,  Clara Johnk, Jennifer Truong

2021 | Zéa Abreu, Lucy Benoit, Grace Curley, Selena Huynh, Shayla Pham

2020 | Helena Guererro-Sullivan, Brennan McConnell-Griner, Julian Taylor, Sylvia Goldrich-Middaugh, Tali Hastings

2019 | Christina Liu

Triple Threat Award

Awarded to students with exceptional talent in dance, vocal performance, and acting. Recipients must have performed a lead role in at least one Franklin Musical.

2023 | Everette Cogswell, Amelia Dusevoir, Sophia Goble, Delia Graham, Twylo Landy, Crea Sisco

2022 | Maia Kleinberg

2021 | Norajane Conway

2020 | Jillian Dixon & Natalie Perkins

2019 | Lucy Walker & Oliver McFadden

2018 | Kristina Strommer

2017 | Micah Hastings

Service Award

Awarded to senior volunteers who serve on the Dance at Franklin Council.

2023 | Luis Barrios, Everette Cogswell, Isabel Deumling, Lucia Gasca, Sophia Goble, Anabelle Jukkala, Elena Matthieu, Nina Newport, Maya Phoenix, Kayleigh Sparks, Grace Wilde

2022 | Rhiain Moore,  Maia Kleinberg, Grace Hogge, Shanon Doyle, Arabella Kelly, Alida Halsey, Raven Chesser

2021 | Lucy Benoit, Grace Curley, Arden Horacek

2020 | Jennifer Chavez Moranchel, Brennan McConnell-Griner, Jacob North

Limelight Award

Awarded to students who give a standout amount of time, energy, and character to Dance at Franklin.

2023 | Allan Zhan

2022 | Stella Garrido-Spencer, Sophie Reece

2021 | Selina Au, Kyleigh Black

2020 | Lindsay Faust

2019 | Ruby Bergergon

Citizenship Award

Awarded to students who demonstrate the values of Franklin STRONG by striving to be thoughtful, respectful, organized, neighborly, and generous.

2023 | Kayleigh Sparks

2022 | Andy Wu, Yukpa Wright

2021 | Alana Anderson, Silas Kelly

2020 | Eva Velez

University of Illinois Summer High School Dance Intensive Scholarship

This scholarship provides full tuition, room and board to two students for a summer dance intensive at one of the nation's most esteemed dance colleges. It is awarded to students considering studying dance in higher education or becoming a professional dancer.

2023 | Stone Judson, Sailor Raitses-Lombardi, Truman Rhoads, 

2022 | Luis Barios, Avery Becker, Everette Cogswell

2021 | Unable to be awarded

2020 | Unable to be awarded

2019 | Ramone Gumina, Ruby Swiericzuk

Graduation Honor Cord

Awarded to all students who successfully complete three full years or six semesters with Dance at Franklin with a C grade or better.

Graduation Stole

Awarded to all students who successfully complete four full years or eight semesters with Dance at Franklin with a C grade or better.